Solving a Shared Problem

The Financial Data Exchange was established on the idea that consumers and businesses should have easier, more secure access to their financial data. Through our FDX API and technical frameworks, FDX is unifying the leading financial institutions, fintechs and others around a common standard for data sharing across the entire financial industry.

Consumer Control

The FDX API provides users with a more secure and intuitive way to grant access to their financial data

Industry Standard

The FDX API is unifying the industry around a common interoperable standard for securely exchanging financial data 

Financial Freedom

Consumers will be able to more easily access, manage and leverage their financial data in different ways

Consensus Matters

We live in an era of growth – of the financial ecosystem, the diversity of solutions it can offer, and of consumer expectations for access, privacy and security on the go. FDX is at the nerve center of what drives the ecosystem : financial data. Building a common standard around how the industry handles financial data will remove obstacles to innovation and power the next chapter of financial sector growth.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, asset managers and others will benefit from improved customer experience and satisfaction via FDX implementation. FDX will eliminate the need to manage a patchwork of different integration methods. Reduced aggregator traffic to websites (via screen scrapers) will no longer crowd online portals, and make suspicious site activity easier to detect.

API Integrators

Data aggregators, fintech firms and others will only need to use the FDX API and its OAuth implementation as an industry best practice for authentication to serve customers everywhere. By not needing to store credentials, they’ll reduce vulnerability.


FDX offers consumers peace of mind that their personal data is safe and secure. Consumers will be able to access and control their data better across their various financial accounts and move it securely to improve how they manage their financial health.