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Leading financial institutions and fintechs are committed to FDX’s unifying global standard for data sharing. They’re empowering consumers with the access and transparency to make informed financial decisions. Join us.

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Our Principles


Financial data belongs to the account owner. They should have quick and convenient access.


Consumers should be able to easily permission their data according to their needs.


Consumers must know how, when and by whom their data is being used.


Consumers must know where their data is going.


Data must be protected across all points of access, transport and at rest.

Consumers have a right to securely access their financial data — without delays.”

Steven Smith
Co-Founder and CEO, Finicity / FDX Board Co-Chair

Consumers deserve clear and direct control over how their financial data is shared.”

Lila Fakhraie
SVP Digital API Banking, Wells Fargo / FDX Board Co-Chair

“Consumers should have transparency into how their financial data is being used.”

Raji Arasu
SVP, Intuit / FDX Board Member

“Consumers should have a complete view of the data-sharing flow traceability is essential.”

Ravi Devesetti
SVP, CTO of Consumer Information Services, Experian / FDX Board Member

“Financial data security should serve and empower the consumer first.”

Tara Welkley
Head of Open Banking, Citi FinTech / FDX Board Member

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